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Atlantic Insurance Brokers in association with Liberty Seguros are able to offer a fully comprehensive pleasure vessel insurance for you, your vessel and equipment. In addition to our standard cover you can add a wide range of additional covers so that your policy is tailor made to suit your needs.


Standard Cover can incorporate some or all of the following sections:

1. Third party liability.

2. Damage to the vessel.

  • Theft of the entire or any part of the vessel

  • Damages caused by accident (including fire, explosion, collision, stranding, grounding and heavy weather, sinking and flooding)

  • Damages caused by negligence or malicious acts of third parties (including vandalism, piracy or barratry)

  • Damages caused by freezing

  • Damages caused by rodents

  • Cover whilst in transit

  • Costs of removing any wreck of the vessel and Recovery and repair costs

  • Cost of inspecting the vessel after grounding (even if no damage is found)

  • Costs incurred for averting or minimising physical loss

  • Costs of averting or avoiding oil pollution

3. Cover for your trailer including theft or attempted theft and -damages caused by fire, explosion, lighting or earthquake or caused by collision or accident whilst in use

4. Cover for your vessel’s tender by Total loss, Constructive loss or for Damages

5. Cruising range – Mediterranean 15 degrees East including Atlantic coast of Portugal and excluding North Africa.

6. Cover for personal property – Both you and your immediate family’s personal property is cover in respect of physical loss or damage caused whilst it is on board or being used in connection with the vessel, or in transit by road

7. Emergency medical expenses.

8. Alternative accommodation expenses

9. Legal protection.                


Extensions to cover

You can extend your basic cover and design a tailor made policy to suit your needs:

1. Third party liability

2. Marine assistance

3. Personal accident cover

4. Vessel charter

5. Racing

6. Cruising range extension

7. Transit zone extension

8. Breakage of rigging

9. Personal effects extension


We are able to offer up to 20% No claims bonus

Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 3:00 pm



9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Other times by Appointment


Avenida Juan Carlos 1 No. 27


Tel: +34 928 537 730

Mob: +34 646 008 496 

Fax: +34 928 537 730



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