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I am providing a brief summary of the cover provided. This is certainly the widest cover available in Spain.

Technical details follow:-

  • Insurance cover against the risks of Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, smoke, volcanic eruption.

  • Fire extinguishment cost, removal of debris and salvage Storm, tempest and flood (ex. Consorcio –“Acts of God” cover)

  • Escape of water or oil from tanks, pipes, etc. Excess water consumption.

  • Acts of vandalism and malicious damage.

  • Damage caused by falling tv aerials, trees, telegraph poles. Impact and Aircraft

  • Consorcio (extraordinary risks such as natural phenomenon or terrorism).


Buildings Cover also includes accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fittings, damage to services, leaks, electrical power surges,

Your legal liability Property owners, and Occupiers and Personal Liability – Limit from 300,000 to 1,500,000 euros

Temporary Accommodation and loss of rent following an insured loss.

Frozen food, power surges etc.


To issue a policy we will need the following information.

  • NIE and passport numbers of the Proposers:

  • Dates of birth:

  • Main Proposers occupation:

  • Non- Spanish correspondence address:

  • Telephone:

  • Property to be insured in Fuerteventura:

  • Telephone (Spanish)

  • Permanent or occasionally occupied

  • Is property mortgaged – if yes name and address of lender and loan number

  • Year property built

  • Property type, i.e. deatached, semi-detached, terraced, ground floor apartment, non-ground floor apartment

  • Property use, i.e. permanent home, holiday home, rented, owned but rented

  • How many bedrooms 

  • What is the built area

  • How long will the property be left unattended within any 12 month period


Just as background, the premium is based on the following assumptions, please note these are easy to comply with,

  • The property is built of solid non-combustible materials

  • The property is more than 300m from river/sea or in an area which is free from flooding

  • The dwelling is in a good state of repair

  • The dwelling is self contained with separate entrance under your sole control

  • The property to be insured is a Legally Titled Private Residence

  • There are no signs or indications of possible subsidence, heave or landslip in the property

  • Neither you nor anyone residing with you have been convicted of, or has any prosecution pending for, and offence other than a driving offence

  • Neither you nor anyone residing with you have been made bankrupt or have a bankruptcy hearing pending

  • Neither you nor anyone residing with you have been refused insurance or had any special terms/restrictions imposed at this or any previous home

  • No claims have been made in last five years


Please do not hesitate to contact us if any point needs clarification.

Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 3:00 pm



9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Other times by Appointment


Avenida Juan Carlos 1 No. 27



Tel: +34 928 537 730

Mob: +34 646 008 496 

Fax: +34 928 537 730



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