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Once you pay social security or retire permanently in Fuerteventura, you become entitled to treatment at Canary Islands medical centres.


To extend this facility to provide medical cover in the Spanish mainland and throughout Europe you are entitled to obtain a European health card. This card is issued annually by the Social Security office in Puerto del Rosario.


Where travel is outside Europe there are no reciprocal medical arrangements with the Canary Islands. UK travel insurers are unable to offer travel insurance to non UK residents. Other than this Worldwide medical cover there should be other areas of risk to consider, such as Emergency Repatriation, Travel cancellation, abandonment, delay or missed departure.


Loss or damage to your personal baggage and your cash and documents are also covered. Further automatic covers include your personal liability whist travelling, any legal expenses incurred and highjack.

The policy can be extended to provide specific business cover, winter sports cover, or golf cover.


Cover is dependent on age but for the majority of people we are able to cover single trips or issue an annual policy to cover multi trips. We are also able to offer two levels of cover depending on the type of travel.

Cover is arranged with leading UK insurance specialists, licensed in Spain.

Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 3:00 pm



9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Other times by Appointment


Avenida Juan Carlos 1 No. 27



Tel: +34 928 537 730

Mob: +34 646 008 496 

Fax: +34 928 537 730



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