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Why do I need to buy motor insurance? The law requires you to have motor insurance before you are permitted to drive a car on the road. All motorists are required to be insured against their legal liability for injuries caused to third parties (including passengers) and for damage caused to third parties resulting from the use of a vehicle on a road. It is an offence to drive your car or allow others to drive it without insurance.

To obtain a quote we need the following information:


  1. Name or Proposer

  2. NIE

  3. Date of birth

  4. Post code

  5. Contact Telephone number

  6. Make, model, year of vehicle

  7. Modifications and whether a soft-top/ cabrio

  8. Any convictions or accidents in the last 5 years

  9. No Claims Bonus to be applied (we can take from England)


An explanation of these is explained in more detail below

There are three main types of motor insurance policies. The basic level of motor insurance which you must have is Third Party Cover.


  1. Third Party Only. This policy gives you the minimum cover required by the law. It covers your liability towards third parties which arise by your vehicle causing them injury or to property damage out of the use of your vehicle. This includes cover for your own passengers. This policy offers no cover for damage to your own vehicle.

  2. Third Party, Fire and Theft. This policy covers your liability towards third parties as in (1) above plus any damage to your car resulting from a fire or from theft.

  3. Comprehensive. This policy is sometimes called "full cover" because besides covering your liability towards third parties for injury or property damage, it also covers your own car against any kind of accidental damage even if it is caused through your own fault.


The cost and availability of motor insurance cover will be greatly influenced by:    

  • The type of vehicle and its age and condition. If you require cover beyond Third Party Only, the type, state and age of your vehicle are important as they will affect the availability of spare parts and the level of repair costs. A powerful, expensive vehicle will cost more in terms of spare parts and repairs. Imported vehicles may not have a dealer network so spare parts may have to be imported at higher costs and with delays.

  • The age of the driver/s this is not just your age but that of any person you allow to drive your car. Statistics and experience have shown that mature drivers have fewer accidents than young drivers below the age of 25. Drivers under the age of 25 or over the age of 70 (must be passed fit to drive) need to be named.

  • You're past accident record a clean driving record will obviously result in a lower premium than that for a person with a record of accidents or serious traffic violations. .


Will my motor insurance policy still cover me if an accident happens when someone else is driving my car? When you purchase motor insurance you may choose to restrict driving to yourself and certain specified people such as your husband/wife or people beyond a certain age. In return you will get a discount. These are normally called “Authorised Drivers”. If you choose to allow other drivers under the age of 25 (this is normally the ‘threshold’ age) to drive your car, your premium will increase substantially. When buying insurance make sure you restrict the cover to the people you need to allow to drive your car. Remember their accident record and age will influence your premium. Do not allow anyone outside this category to drive your car.


What is an "Excess"? This is the amount of each claim that you pay yourself. It is also called self-insurance. Normally you are subject to an excess which can range between 90 euro's and 1,000 euro's for own damage claims (the excess does not apply to third party liability claims). If the driver is below the age of 30 the excess could be higher. Similarly, for claims under the theft section the excess could be rather high. You may also choose to retain a higher excess yourself in return for a discount. Therefore, if you cause damage to your own vehicle amounting to £3,000 and your excess is £500, you pay £500 and your insurer pays the balance of £2,500.


What is a "No Claims Discount"? Policyholders with a claim free record normally qualify for a premium discount. The maximum is four years. If you choose to change your insurer, the new insurer will need to obtain written confirmation from your previous insurer regarding the No Claims Discount (NCD) you are entitled to.

Vehicles registered in Spain are subject to mandatory Civil Liability cover, in respect of death and bodily injury to third parties, and damage to property.


We can provide third party cover, damage to your own vehicle (comprehensive), personal accident cover for the policy holder, assistance for legal defence for motorists, and travel assistance including repair and recovery of the insured vehicle, and medical and health benefits, all in English.

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